Anirudh Duggal
Web Developer
About Me

I am Anirudh Duggal, a freelance web developer and blogger. I've been developing websites since a long time now and am crazy about aesthetics. That's the reason most of my websites are minimal and neat, because I like it that way.

I know that as an online business or personal brand, how important your digital presence it. I therefore strive to make sure that anyone who is in my contact, has the best.

I'll be glad to help you out with anything you need, provided that I'm capable of that, whether you are a client or not. So do not hesitate to ask me any questions you have or consulting you require, because I'D LOVE TO DO THAT FOR YOU!!

What I Do
E-commerce websites

Even you can have your own e-commerce store that is unique and beautiful in it's own way. A store that you can call yours and can happily fall in love with

Web Development

Not just e-commerce, but any website that you want to have, I can provide you with it. Your dream website is just a few weeks away!


Whatever your need be, if you are not on cloud, then you are losing money. And AWS is amongst the best. With Amazon's quality and my skills, we can make your website extremely cost effective to maintain and highly manageable. Also, if you select this, I'll be maintaining your application's infrastructure for you!